Scouts from 1st Blackmoor, Bordon and Whitehill took part in a debate hosted by Adeel Shah of Whitehill Town Council. The subject of the great debate was ‘Which is best, card or cash’?

The Scouts split into two teams and made an initial case for either card or cash. They then made counter-arguements on a wide range of aspects including security, convenience and which would blow away furthest in the wind! It was interesting to hear how the 10-14 year old Scouts perceved the world of card and cash payments, how credit works (in their eyes) and how security of banks comes across to this age group.

The Scouts were very well behaved, polite and engaging. Our host ran the evening very well giving everyone a chance to air their views. All in all, an amazing evening.

Oh and who won, well it ended with a draw. Cash suits some, whereas card suits others, but the real winners tonight were the Scouts themselves.