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1st Petersfield Geocaching trackable

15 June 2018

On 15th June 2018  1st Petersfield scouts were out Geocaching for the evening. For those who have never heard of it Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunt for small boxes or containers. Most of these are hidden right under peoples noses!  There are geocaches in towns, in the wild, there’s even one in Space!  To find the caches you can use either a GPS device or increasingly a mobile phone app which gives you a map and a clue!  It’s then a case of following the App to the rough location and then following the clue to discover the container.  Inside you will find a logbook to put your name in, and maybe a small item you can keep as a keepsake, but remember if you take something out you must put something in.


Theres also a Scouts Geocaching activity badge which can be found at,64,779&moduleID=10






Our ‘Trackable’

Whilst at one of the caches we met ‘Shadoks’ a Geocaching Community Volunteer who presented the Scouts with a ‘Trackable’.  This is a small metal disc, the size of a medal that can be tracked world-wide.  The web page for this trackable can be  seen at  From here you can follow the trackable on its adventures around the country and hopefully world.  Our trackable has the mission to find as many Scout Groups as it can, so it should be very busy!


It’s possible other Troops in the district also take part in this activity which can be played by anyone.  You don’t need any special skills or be good with maps, just a sense of adventure and a bit of patience!