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Second District Cub Swimming Gala since 1988!

21 November 2017

All eight Cub Packs from Petersfield District competed in the second Swimming Gala to be held since the trophy went to ground in 1988. Churcher’s College pool was a fantastic venue for this event which included both novelty races and more traditional length races.

Winners – East Hants Villages

Teams were identified by special souvenir t-shirts colour-coded for each Pack. Parents and supporters raised the roof as the competition drew to a close with the exciting final of the T-shirt Medley – each of the 4 team members swam a length wearing a hi-vis bib, then had to climb out of the pool, take it off and pass it to the next Cub who put it on and swam their length. Getting tangled up in a soggy vest added to the tension and had everyone cheering encouragement.

Silver Medallists - 1st Liss 

Silver Medallists – 1st Liss

The final results showed that East Hants Villages were clear winners taking the trophy and gold medals, 1st Liss were in silver position and 1st Sheet Broadlands were in bronze. It was a great afternoon and thanks have to go to the army of leaders, supporters and Young Leaders who took on all the stewarding roles to make it a safe and enjoyable event.