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Visit to 1st Liphook Scouts March 2022

2 April 2022

A fantastic evening at 1st Liphook

Scouts, after reintroductions we started the evening playing what appeared to  be a Scout version of Musical chairs…. without any music.  A fun game that was new to me, I will certainly be using elsewhere. 

Following that the Scouts made their own ‘Bug Hotels’, under the watchful eyes of the leadership team.

The Scouts were able to search for a  variety of natural materials outside and then  combine them with straws, bamboo,  and other bug friendly items.

The Leaders then spoke about some up  and coming activites including

 an Air Activities day, a virtual District hike and a County camping


All in all a great evening, with the Scouts being kept busy from start to


A really active group, well led and organised with a full and varied programme.