The validation process involves comparing a learner’s knowledge against a set requirement, there are no secrets about what you will be asked, and the topics are in the Leaders Training Guide and the appropriate Personal Learning File. Each module covers different topics, with specified and suggested validation methods. The lead volunteer is responsible for ensuring that steady progress is being made to complete your Personal Learning Plan, the onus is on the leader to book courses and contact the Local Training Manager when they are ready to validate a module using the form below.

The process is a three-step journey:

  • Learning – Attend a face-to-face or online course, previous experience can also count, but you must be able to put the learning into a scouting context.
  • Doing – Apply what you have learnt and reflect on if you have done things differently. At least a month or two should be allowed between completing a course and validating a module.
  • Validating. The validation activities formally demonstrate your understanding of the module and how you have applied it in your appointment.

Some modules are validated online and you will be able to download a certificate to say you have successfully completed it. Other modules will require you to meet with a Training Advisor (TA). A member of the TA team in the district will arrange to visit, there are various methods that you can use to validate a module, Demonstrate a skill to the TA is one of the best and the TA will follow up with an informal chat for 10 to 15 mins to check your understanding. We can even validate some modules in an online meeting.

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