Introduction to ScoutsScouts

‘Scouting has given me a fantastic opportunity to do lots of activities and things that people who are not in Scouts don’t get to do. It’s about having fun with good friends.’

Scouts are the fourth section of the Scouting movement. From the first experimental camp for 20 boys in 1907, the movement now has an estimated 28 million members worldwide, and in the UK alone there are over 499,000 boys and girls involved in Scouting. An increase in adult volunteers means that more and more young people are now able to take part in their own big adventure.  Although Cubs is an excellent introduction to Scouts you don’t need to have done it, plenty of people just jump straight in.

Scouting bridges the gap between what we learn at home and what we learn at school.  It teaches valuable life skills.  These can be anything from using a tin opener to cooking a four-course meal.  We start small and build up slowly.  There’s a lot to do, and sometimes we run out of time to squeeze all the fun in

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all done in mountains and wooded streams, first, we make sure we know what we’re getting ourselves into.  For the last 100-plus years the Scout motto has been ‘Be Prepared’, so we check and double-check before we take part in an event, but with 50% of our programme devoted to outdoors and adventure, we don’t think you will get bored.

It’s constantly changing

Scouts in the area continued throughout the Covid COVID-19 pandemic, we simply moved online.  Badge requirements changed and there was a flurry of back-garden camping taking place.  Gradually when things opened up we assessed the situation and began meeting face-to-face outdoors, then indoors then back to our full range of activities including camping.  Interesting times, but we’re an adaptable lot.

We have now gone digital with badges too. Although I’ve yet to find a tree with a plug socket there’s plenty of opportunity to complete badges on a weekly basis whether you’re inside on a winter evening or waking up in the morning in a harness on the side of a cliff!  Take a look below and see what we can do for you if you would like to join, or simply know more then leave us a message and someone will get back to you.

Scouting in Petersfield District is on the up.  We have canoeing instructors, archery instructors, climbing instructors, and hill walking instructors.  At most groups the Scouts have a large input into what they do and when they do it.  Some go camping in the middle of winter, there are expeditions to be undertaken, worldwide events to join in, and even racing model cars!  Whatever group you decide to join the emphasis is on outdoors and adventure with every group offering at least one night away per year, but most groups do a lot more.