Santa was very kind to Petersfield District Scouts this year and we are very pleased to welcome new arrivals 1st Blackmoor, Bordon and Whitehill Scout Group, along with the 1st Headley Scout Group. As part of a planned shuffle within the County, they have both moved over from our neighbours in Rotherfield District.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting the Beavers and Cubs at Blackmoor, Bordon and Whitehill Scout Group on Monday evening. It was a first for me for a long time going to see the ‘Turquoise Ninjas’ but a fun-filled session was in hand. Being a new term it was time to look at the Colony rules. We call it a ‘Code of Conduct’ and it is a set of rules that the Beavers themselves write (and hopefully) follow. There were lots of really good suggestions from being kind to others to looking after the planet.

It wasn’t all work work work though, we played a balloon race game and whilst in a circle tried to make a hoop go all the way round the circle without anyone letting go. Then as soon as it had started they were gone and the leaders could have a short break!

Next was Cubs, run on the same night by the extremely capable and well supported leadership team. This time it was rinse an repeat, with the same ‘Code of Conduct’ but for the older Cub age range. Same questions, but a completely different outcome!

All in all a great evening, full of fun and laughter. The Beavers and Cubs seemed to enjoy every minute.