Another busy evening this time with Blackmoor, Bordon and Whitehill Scouts. First night back after Christmas and lots to put in place. Back in my comfort zone we had a evening setting out the way forward with the Scouts. With nothing set in stone between now and Easter it seemed the best way forward was to do some programme planning. Using the challenge awards as a baseline the Scouts put forward a few ideas for the remainder of this term. Getting the Scouts to plan the programme is a great way of doing what the Scouts want to do.

With the ‘business’ part of the meeting out the way the scouts enjoyed playing some games, both old favourites, and some new ones. Two Scouts were set a challenge, one to produce a ‘Code of conduct’ as the Beavers and Cubs had done the night before, the other Scout was challenged to run an evening. There’s currently no ‘structure’ there, which means the job of Patrol Leaders and Assistants is up for grabs, with anyone eligible for the positions.